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Meet Your Teacher

Welcome to Pre-K4!! I am Ms. Murphy and I am so excited to begin this year in Pre-K4! While I know this year will be different and challenging I am confident we will have a great year filled with lots of learning, fun, and social and emotional growth. This is my 15th year teaching in Catholic School and my 9th year teaching here at Saint Ignatius. I have taught both Kindergarten and Pre-K4 and love being able to set the foundation for learning. I believe every child learns their own way and structure my classroom to make sure this is met on a daily basis. There is nothing we cannot face together and I know this year will be wonderful, so enjoy every moment and be prepared to watching learning and growing first hand with us!

Upcoming Reminders/ Needs

Thank you for sending in all of your beginning forms. If you have not sent something in please do so as soon as possible.

Since we will not be having Library this year, we are asking that you please send in a book for your child to keep in their seat sack for quiet time or as they finish work. We will send home these books weekly so they can be changed. The book will only be used by your child.

We are also asking that since we are not able to use the water fountains, if you would like to donate small water bottles to our classroom that would be greatly appreciated. You can send me an email and let me know.

Just a friendly reminder to please make sure that everything that comes into school is labeled. This includes all lunch boxes, water bottles, snack pouches, etc.

Our Week in a Glance

September 28th to October 2nd

We are learning and having so much fun in Pre-K4!

Our ELA theme this week in Pre-K4 will center around the season of Fall. We have some work to finish up with our Apples as we remember how during Fall we can pick apples at the farm. We have been working on creating our apple prints and your children have been doing such a great job. Our Fall theme will center around things we see in fall, the changing weather and all the things we like to do. We will focus on the colors of Fall and how everything changes. We will even use Fall to begin our work with rhyming as we begin reading one of my favorite reading series There Was an Old Lady....

Our Letter of the Week this week will be Bb. We will practice the sound of Bb, how to write it and how to identify different things that begin with Bb. I will be sending home some letter Bb homework on Tuesday that can be sent back by Friday.

In Math, we will continue reviewing our colors and the different things that begin with each color. We will also begin our testing with our colors to practice color recognition. Continue to encourage your children to find different colors at home and around them. We will then move on to begin learning about patterns using our colors.

In Religion, we have already discussed how God created us and our families. We will now move on to talk about how God Gives Us Our Friends. We will talk about the different things we like to do with our friends, how we can help them and how we can show we care for our friends. We will then learn how Jesus had friends too called disciples. We will learn how we too can be a disciple and talk about different ways we can be disciples in the classroom.

This week we will also continue to practice writing our names, tracing and cutting. I encourage you to try this at home. When you are practicing your child's name, please make sure to use one uppercase and the rest lowercase. Thank you for all of your support this first week of school. Your children are doing GREAT and it is such a joy to watch them learn and be so excited about school!