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Meet Your Teacher

Welcome to Pre-K4!! I am Ms. Murphy and I am so excited to begin this year in Pre-K4! While I know this year will be different and challenging I am confident we will have a great year filled with lots of learning, fun, and social and emotional growth. This is my 15th year teaching in Catholic School and my 9th year teaching here at Saint Ignatius. I have taught both Kindergarten and Pre-K4 and love being able to set the foundation for learning. I believe every child learns their own way and structure my classroom to make sure this is met on a daily basis. There is nothing we cannot face together and I know this year will be wonderful, so enjoy every moment and be prepared to watching learning and growing first hand with us!

Important Reminders/ Needs

In light of the recent COVID updates, we are following new protocols to keep the children safe. Some of the things we will be doing is extra hand washing, staying in our seats, splitting in groups for eating for 15 minutes and playing outside with 6 feet protocol. We ask that you please remember to send in an extra mask or two for your child, so we can change them if they were to get wet, dirty, etc. Also, we ask that you please send them in with a book to help make transition periods a lot easier for them. Since we are eating in 15 minute time periods, simplifying their healthy snack and lunch would help us greatly. For example, cut up apples, bananas, and packaged crackers. We thank you for all of your help with this! Since we are doing extra cleaning and wiping down in the classroom, if you are able to send in disinfecting wipes or spray we would greatly appreciate it.

Since we are trying to keep our classroom as safe as possible, we will be following all guidelines for travel. If you travel outside of PA, when you return you will have to either quarantine or be tested after the given timeline. This travel includes our bordering states, such as New Jersey , Delaware and Maryland. Please remember this is to keep our school family safe and your children able to come to school. Thank you for all of your help with this!

Our Week in a Glance

January 18th to the 22nd

Thank you for all of the Winter Windows that have already made it in. They look great!! Also, thank you for the new supplies. Your children are enjoying them already! If you can kindly begin to send in a new pack of crayons (no bigger than 24), washable markers (no more than 8) and glue sticks, it would be greatly appreciated.

All Winter Windows are due back to school by January 22nd.

Our Letter of the Week will be the letter Ll. We will practice the sound of Ll, how to write Ll, and how to identify things that begin with Ll.

In Math, we will continue to work with Ordinal Numbers. Your children will practicing counting by hopping and reciting First through Fifth.

Our Religion Chapter will take us into the gift of Lans. We will share all of the different types of land, what makes up our land and how we can take care of it.

Our ELA lessons will continue to center around the theme of Winter. We will talk about the characteristics of winter, things we see and things we can do. We will begin talking about Winter Animals and the different ways they stay warm. We will continue to work with rhyming and kid-writing as your children practice creating rhymes of their own.

This week, I will continue with our Assessments as we reassess the letters of the alphabet and even our sounds. We will be sending home flashcards of the letters your child needs to practice recognizing. Please take 5-10 minutes a day to practice these letters. We will be assessing both upper and lowercase letters this time and as always thanks for your help with this.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful week!