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PreK-3: Mrs. King (

PreK-4A: Mrs. Murphy (

PreK-4B: Mrs. McBeth (

Kindergarten: Mrs. Lebron (

  • Dental Exam Form (Required for all Kindergartners)

  • Physical Exam Form (Required for all Kindergartners)

  • All incoming kindergartners will complete the Getting Ready for Kindergarten packet. Packets were distributed to students during the last week of school; students joining St. Ignatius this year may pick up the packet from the school office.

  • Supply List

1st Grade: Mrs. Reeth ( & Mrs. Edwards (

2nd Grade: Mrs. Ginter (

3rd Grade: Mrs. Mooney (

4th Grade: Mrs. Brennan (

6th Grade: Mrs. Gray (

7th Grade: Mrs. Fiduccia (