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Grades 4 & 7 took part in a video chat with author Chris Grabenstein and his wife JJ to talk about their new book, Shine. Chris has written 58 books - some alone and some with author James Patterson who was his first boss at a marketing firm. He talked about where he gets his inspirations, how he uses names of people that he knows in his stories (especially his teachers), the writing & revision process, and he gave us a sneak peak at upcoming titles. He was fun to listen to, we learned a lot and we are grateful that he did this all for free.

Netflix Book Series Final Projects Grade 7

Using their assigned summer reading, the children made fake Netflix Overview and Episode pages for the books. They used either Google Slides or Google Draw for the project. They were graded in Technology class for their skills with using shapes and text boxes to build the Netflix icons as well as learning to make a photo transparent in the background. In ELA, they were graded for their Episode overviews which were chapter summaries. The children worked hard and had fun with this combined project.