4th Grade

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4th Grade News

Dear Students and Parents,

I am so happy to be working with fourth grade. I am look forward to continuing to develop the spiritual,intellectual,physical, emotional and social growth of each of my students in view of Christian principles and values.My goal is to help my students become active in their education so they enjoy learning and can become lifelong learners.I know as partners we will build a community of fun and learning. Home and school working together is very important to me. Together we can do the best for the students. I hope to help your child build independent learning skills and to become engaged in their learning. I feel that it is important for all students to begin to grow in responsibility and to take ownership of their education.

God Bless,

Mrs. Brennan (cbrennan@sischool.org)

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We are ready to go.

Group Work Covid Style

We chose this mnemonic to help us remember how to make good choices.

We have been busy working on doing research on some of the things associated with Advent.Here are our finished projects.

Land Formation Project. Well Done 4th grade.