3rd Grade

About Me:

My name is Nicole Mooney. I have been in the educational world for eight years. I have been in both public and Catholic schools. This is my fourth year teaching Third Grade here at St. Ignatius of Antioch School. I have a Bachelors degree from Shippensburg University where I student taught in first grade. I love teaching third grade because the kids are really starting to be independent thinkers and their love of learning is contagious! My students get a quality learning experience through my teaching with hands-on, interactive lessons and one to one Chromebook technology assignments and activities. These together help each student excel to be their very best!

Contact: nmooney@sischool.org

Simple Machine Project

After learning about each of the simple machines, the students had to create a complex or simple machine to help our tiny elf friends with their baking. The kids had to use problem solving tactics when their original plan may not have worked. It was amazing being able to see their BIG brains figure out how to make it work.

Valentine's Service Project

The students were able to participate in a wonderful service project this Valentine's Day. The created decorations for many nursing homes in the area. They loved being able to help out their community.

Our Animals

The kids did an amazing job molding their animals. They loved learning about the different adaptations animals can have and came up with some great ones to help their animal survive in their habitat.

Animal Adaptation Project

Before break we started our animal adaptation projects. Students learned all about the traits of animals, where they live, and what they hunted or what hunted them. The kids used this information to "DISCOVER" their own animals; giving them adaptations to survive in an environment that they choose. Soon they will create these animals out of clay and give a little description about them.... STAY TUNED!

Creative Writing

The kids were able to use their great imaginations to come up with stories about being stuck in a snow globe. Luckily it was right around when we had our first snow of the season! Some wrote about being trapped with friends or saved by friends. Some wrote about enjoying their time in the globe or desperately trying to escape to return home to their families. All in all, they did a wonderful job with this writing piece. Parents can find their stories with a little ornament in the present they made for you :)

Spelling Word Search Fun

We made some word searches for our new spelling list. The kids had a great time finding the words in their classmates wordsearch .

Map Skills

The kids did an amazing job putting together their maps using all of the skills that they learned in class. Their maps were very unique and had a lot of details!


Today we had a great time learning and coloring about the wonderful season of Autumn. We learned about why the leaves change colors and fall from trees. We discussed why animals use these time to gather and hide food. We also learned some fin, new halloween theme jokes! We were able to even color in a decorative pumpkin for the classroom and school.

New Room Fun!

Third grade is doing a great job getting settled into our their new room. We are working just as hard and doing some fun activities to learn all of our lessons. We are learning about maps and cannot wait to make are own islands!

Third Grade Learning!

We made some "fortune tellers" for our vocabulary review and got to test them out on our classmates. We had such a fun time writing our personal narrative as well :)

Third Grade working hard during their first week full week of academics! We have been learning a lot about weather, sentences, and place value with large numbers. We have even started our first writing project!

First Week of School Fun

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