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Copy of 3rd Grade Update

Famous Person Day in Third Grade went wonderfully! The kids looked great and did such a great job on the presentations. You can see the video of them presenting to the fourth grade HERE! I loved being able to see so many famous people in history talking amongst each other. Their costumes were amazing! You can find other pictures HERE.

Catholic Schools Week was great! The kids did a great job with all of our activities. They loved learning their Talent Show dance and they did a wonderful job on their dance. You can see our fun week HERE.

First full week of school in the books! We had a wonderful time getting into the swing of things here at St. Ignatius. We were amazing writers, builders, readers, detectives, mathematicians, scientists, artists, and saints! We got to learn about simple sentences, BIG numbers, read stories, wrote stories, and searched our reading context for clues. We talked with our new seminarian and learned about the Holy Trinity. We can't wait to get into weather so we can learn about the different types of storms.


End of the Year Video

The year has come to an end. We had a fabulous time in third grade and did a lot of fun activities! I hope you all have a wonderful summer with your families! You will do a great job in 4th Grade!

We had an amazing field trip to the Philadelphia Zoo! The kids loved seeing all of the animals and learning about their favorites! Even though there was a little rain that didn't stop us from having a great time!

This year we have been learning a lot about Economics. Are concluding event was Market Day. The students were able to start their own business, make their own products, advertise and market their items, and sell them to their classmates. The kids had a fantastic time!

We had a visit from some very famous people in our 3rd Grade class!! They told us a little bit about themselves. They also got to visit the 2nd and 4th graders :)

We finally finished our green screen Storm Projects! Check out the kids amazing videos about storms and their reporting from the field, HERE!

Aquarium Assembly! - The kids had a fantastic time learning about animals at our assembly this week. They even got to touch a horseshoe crab! More pictures can be found in google photos :)

Animal adaptations on the brain! We have been learning all about animals and the traits that they have. We even made our own animals and gave them adaptations that would help them survive in different habitats. You can see their clay models here ------>

CSW calendar for SI Families

Third grade is skyping with a class from Kentucky! It was a hard one. We didn't win this round, but we weren't far behind in our guesses! The kids did a fabulous job asking questions to guess their location. They always have a lot of fun meeting new people from around our country.

Back to work we go! We all had a nice relaxing winter break. The kids came back excited to learn! We completed our lesson on the Jesse Tree by making videos of some of the stories we heard and the ornaments we placed on our tree. Click on the Jesse Tree to see our videos!

We also started learning about fractions! We even made a fraction snowman to help us learn our fractions.

"Happy Thanksgiving" Book Report

The kids did an amazing job with their second Mystery Skype. They won again! They are such great geographical detectives. I'm so proud!

This week we did research on different Saints and made Puppet Pal videos to talk about our facts. You can check out our videos HERE!

We also celebrated Halloween by going on a parade and having a party. The kids loved making bats and eating all the Halloween treats. They had such amazing costumes to boot!

We started learning about are Earth's geography in Social Studies this week! So far we talked about land forms, bodies of water, and the different regions in our country. The kids had a fun time labeling the states in the book and learning a little bit about the region their state is located :)

We had our first Mystery Skype! The kids did an amazing job! They were able to guess the state in four guesses! I'm so proud of them! They almost had the city too but our friends ran out of time. It's so great to get to know other states from our country and learn what they do at school. We got to talk to students from sunny California :)

This week we have been working hard on our reading unit and spelling words. The kiddos made a word search for their homework and got to challenge their friends! We also are learning about maps in Social Studies by making our own compass rose.

Our first week is off to a GREAT start! We have been learning the ways of third grade and working as a team. We have done some wonderful work as well! We have worked on our "Who am I?" papers, learning about the scientific method, reading and testing our vocabulary skills, and really getting to know the friends in our class! Today we used the scientific method to help us think of ideas and build a house of cards! The kids did an amazing job!

Check out more pictures and videos here!


Hello New Third Graders!

I'm so excited to get to know you this year. We are going to learn so much and do a lot of exciting projects and activities. I hope you looking forward to the first day of school as much as I am. I hope to see you all at Meet the Teacher Day, Tuesday, September 4th from 2 - 3 pm.

-Ms. Barker

End of The year slide show.pptx

What an amazing way to end the year! The kids did an amazing job with their award ceremony! They were so excited to see the winners announced and had a blast being presenters. I am so proud of all of my kiddos! I cannot wait to see where their future takes them. It was such a wonderful year and they all improved so much : )

I would especially like to give a warm thank you to the parents as well. You were all fantastic and I enjoyed talking and emailing you about all your concerns and delights! You made this year truly special and I cannot wait to see you around the building next year.

We had such an amazing time at field day today! We played with great sportsmanship and really cheered on not only our team, but the Red team as well. I am so proud of all my kiddos! Red team put up a fight and played really well, but White team came out on top by only a few points. Great, FUN day for all!

All of the kids worked so hard to learn their multiplication tables! As a reward we had a wonderful time at the Yardley Ice House, where they got their FREE water ice. It was such a nice time for both parents and kids. I am so proud of all of my students for putting so much time and hard work into their math work. What a wonderful year of learning it has been for all of us!

Over the past month, we have been hard at work studying a famous person in history. We have been reading books, taking notes, writing papers, and creating videos. Today the kids came dressed as their famous person and talked to both third grades and 1A about them.

More pictures from the day can be found above!

Check out their videos here!

The kids had a wonderful time learning about the many countries of the world at St. Ignatius' World Culture Day. They did a fabulous job talking to other's about India, our country.

Tourist pictures can be found in our photo album link above.

They kids did an amazing job at Market Day today! We had a lot of "Sold Out" signs because their products were so nice! They put in a lot of hard work making these products and I am so proud :)

They had a wonderful time shopping and selling their products. I loved seeing them interact with their customers. They are going to be some great entrepreneurs one day!

More pictures can be found in our photo album. Check them out!

Today we were able to watch everyone's Ads for market day! The kids did a great job coming up with ideas for their commercials, and they are very excited for Market day tomorrow.

Here you can find all of their commercials.

The kids had a wonderful time on our field trip to the Churchville Nature Center. They loved learning about the ways of the Native Americans. They got to participate in making, building, and using many things that the Native Americans did way back when.

3B had a very exciting week! We learned all about seeds and plants as we watched our bean seeds germinate and become and adult plants! We cut open a seed and took a look inside. We discovered that the seeds use the materials inside as food! We were also able to enjoy this lovely weather and observed both flowering and non-flowering trees in our recess area. We were also able to talk to Father Brownholtz about Holy Orders. We discussed the steps you need to take and what you need to do when you finally become a priest. We also got to learn a little more about him and what he likes to do outside the Church.

We had lots of fun with science recently! The kids loved experimenting with sound waves using paper cups. We have also just started growing are own bean plants for our new plant unit! The kids can't wait to see their seeds sprout and grow.

This week we Skyped with the creator of the 100 Word Challenge! The kids had a blast brainstorming her newest writing prompt. The were also able to writing a story using all of their great ideas.

We started our design and technology unit in Science today by being engineers! The kids constructed a parachute using different materials to see which one would work best! After lots of testing we discovered that a plastic bag would work best, but one group did design a spectacular foil parachute that slowed the speed of the washer more than the plastic bags.

We are having a great time learning about India this week while taking our Terra Novas. We have discussed many holidays and traditions of the Indian people. Today we learned about the holiday, Holi. Holi is a festival of color it symbolizes the spreading of love, kindness, and happiness throughout the world. It is celebrated to mark the end of winter. Today we learned how to say synonyms for kindness in Hindi, one of India's native languages.


Fun day dressing in our crazy green outfits for St. Patty's Day! The kids loved dancing and listening to the history of rock and roll. Some of them even got to do an Irish jig on stage! See those videos and more in the 3B pictures link above.

We had a wonderful time learning about volcanoes with the 6th grade. We also loved watching the volcano erupt! Great job 6th grade. Such hard workers! We also had our very own first Skype session! We got to meet some wonderful people from Tennessee. The kids did an amazing job with their Ten Commandment Commercials. Now we can all live as God wants us to every day with these helpful products.

Catholic School’s Week Learning with faith and fun!

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