2nd Grade

Class Calendar


  • Monday: Physical Education
  • Tuesday: Media Center
  • Wednesday: Art
  • Thursday: Spanish
  • Friday: Technology & Music


Wish List

  • Lakeshore Learning Crystal Climbers Set
  • Visa gift cards for items for the classroom (such Robotics for learning Coding.)
  • Items for the Prize Box (ongoing)
  • Expo Markers both thick and thin

Class News

Class notes

Class Photo Galleries

2019 Parade of Saints and First Friday Mass Memories!

Thanks to Mrs. Fronheiser and Mrs. Konig for these awesome pictures of our Amazing Saints!

Halloween Party and Parade

The 2nd Grade Proudly Presents

The 2019 St. Ignatius Rainforest!

Our Friendship Quilt has been successfully delivered to Sean!

Sean and his family absolutely love the quilt and say it is so beautiful! They said that they will always treasure it and all the love that it carries with it! Sean sets a beautiful example for all of us! His superpower is never giving up no matter how hard the fight and beating Cancer! Let us follow this marvelous classmate’s example and never give up on what is important in our lives! God bless you Sean and God bless your family! Take care of yourself and we hope to see you soon!


This is the reply we received from the letters we wrote to our Favorite Disney Characters! We were so excited when we opened the envelope and saw that they sent us each a special momento!